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Commission Prices & Examples  This Page is a Work in Progress

     - I have the right to turn your commission down if I cannot get to it or if it's something I'm not comfortable drawing. This is the only case where I refund.
    - If I have finished your sketch, gotten paid half for the sketch, and began coloring it I will not refund you if you decide to cancel on me. I still did work for you and deserve half the payment for that work.
   - Any art I create I have the right to use for promotional purposes.
        Ex. If I set up a portfolio and want to show off a piece I was commissioned to do I have the right to show it.
   - I will only take up to three (3) commissions at a time and at most two (2) pieces of artwork per person (This varies from time to time).
   - If you re-upload or use my artwork anywhere, you need to give me proper credit. Please let me know if you plan to use my art somewhere other than DeviantArt or Toyhouse.


    - Currently, I cannot draw [Robotic characters/mechas and Excessive Violence / Gore] Once I feel more comfortable I'll do commissions of those things.
    - I will not draw characters without at least one visual reference that has some sort of color palette I can pick from. 
    - If you are interested in commissioning me for something that may not fall under one of the subjects below feel free to ask me.
    - If there is a specific style/ type of brush you've seen me use and want me to use that same style you need to let me know.

How Payment works - I will do a sketch and send it to you for approval. Once approved half of the total payment must be sent. The piece will then be finished and the rest of the payment is due.
    I do not charge until after a portion of the full commissioned is finished. Please do not send me money before I've started. I would feel way better if you waited until I am done. 
(This rule is usually avoided if the commission is worth less than 1,000  or $10.00 which means I'll demand payment prior to working)

Accepted Currency:
- Paypal (Euros, pounds, etc, but send the equivalent amount to how much USD the commission is)
- DeviantART Points